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My name is Jessica and have designed and grown Batik Bum into the happy WAHM biz that it is today.   It all started long before I had my first child. I was a natural girl with a flower in her hair enjoying nature in all her beauty.  As a student of midwifery and a doula for mothers in childbirth, I loved all of the cloth diapers, baby carriers, and natural products I saw all around me.  I studied herbal medicine and made natural body care for years. The herbal diaper salve was a huge benifit for babies and families. Thus began my  path to natural family products. 
 When I met my amazing  husband and we set out on the parenting journey with our first child,  I was thrilled to be able to collect cloth diapers for our baby .  I am proud to say that all  3 of my sons were cloth diapered from birth and the last two used diapers I made.  My designs have come a long way in 7 years.  I am excited to be able to continue my passion of natural alternatives to the garbage diapers filling up the land. I use recycled, organic , and eco concious fabrics for my products. You will find that there is a difference! 
 I believe that by more frequent and mindful diaper changes we help our babies stay connected to elimination and build a strong and important trust by respecting their bodies.  Many babies I know who's parents used a combination of cloth diapers and Elimination Communication have infants who were potty learning at 12-18months. Much better than the 3-4 year average of children in disposible diapers that do not decompose!
 If anything, this should be a moving testimonial to cloth diapers! 

 I am so blessed to be able stay home with my children.   Each item sewn takes a lot of time apart from the actual sewing. For example; e-mailing customers,daily trips to the USPS, ordering fabric, testing it, thrift store shopping for wool more than once a week to collect the very best items out there,washing it, cutting it, sewing it into a diaper or clothing, and then listing it with pictures and descriptions  make it hard to earn a decent hourly wage.
Please keep this in mind when you shop homade goods you are getting a mothers precious time and love.  Thank you for supporting WAHM's. ( work at home moms)  I hope you are pleased with what you find from my heart.
 I am so proud that today I have over 325 positive feedbacks and strive to make each customer happy. Please leave feedback for me on Hyena Cart!

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