Wrap Conversion FAQ

PLEASE NOTE! The new regulations are in effect, and I'm happy to report that Bamberoo SSC has passed the test and complies with F-2236 and CPSIA regulations!

What you need to know if you live in the US;

Baby carriers in the US are now regulated! For now only the Soft Structured Carriers and Mei Tais, but soon wraps and slings will be as well. This means that I can only sell carriers in the US that has been third-party tested for the F-2236 standard and complies with CPSIA regulations. Since all materials coming from different sources (different wrap brands, canvases), different blends and weaves must be tested separately on a finished carrier, choices will be limited for economical reasons. At this time I can only accept 100% cotton twill weave Girasol. (Planning to have another material tested and early next year the canvas/print and solarveil carriers as well) The wrap must be brand new, never used, but I ask you to wash it as you plan to wash the finished carrier later and send it with the original packaging and receipt.

What can be customized? While you need to stick to the tester's details, the size of the body and length of the shoulder straps can be made as you prefer and you can choose the layout. The second tester carrier will be made of a different material with slightly different features to add some variety.

If you live outside of the US, you do not need to worry about all these changes, you can order any style carriers made of the fabric or wrap of your choice.

One custom spot listed every Thursday night at 9pm (EST) in my Etsy store. Additional spots are added to the custom list irregularly, please keep an eye on my Facebook page for announcement.

After purchasing the slot, you can send me your pre-washed wrap. Please let me know the make and size of the wrap before shipping. In case the ends tapered, the length should be measured from short end to long end. Please don't add both long tapes into the length. I measure wraps as you can see it on the Didy website.

What if your wrap is somewhat shorter? (Or the right length but pattern/stripes requires a certain way of cutting) I'll have to make the waist from 2 pieces. It's joined in the center, you'll only see a vertical seam under the tag. I sew and top stitch the 2 pieces onto a layer of canvas that I use for reinforcement inside the waist anyway. Sturdy and safe, but in case it's a concern of yours, please send a longer wrap. If possible I match the stripes, so they are continuous.

It takes 3-4 weeks to finish it counting from the time I received your wrap.

~ Darted body with leg padding

~ Sweatshirt style adjustable, flat or flat adjustable hood

~ Hybrid shoulder straps.
~ I'll need an at least 5.2 m wrap for this conversion.

~$189.00 +shipping



~ Hood flat adjustable or shaped adjustable

~ Hybrid or MT shoulders (75")

~ Soft structured  waist is lined with canvas to add strength (cinches down to 28")

~ Straight padded buckle waist padded with firm batting or camp mat like foam

~ Price depends on features: $189.00+

~ Wrap needed: 4.7m



~ Hood  adjustable flat or adjustable shaped

~ Curved SSC shoulders, the same as my fabrics SSC shoulder, padding is 16.5" long plus the 2" long padded lip under the webbing. The wrap is backed with canvas all the way through to add strength.

~ Waist is also lined with canvas, cinches down to 28"

~ Price depends on features: $189.00+

~ Wrap needed: 3.6m+


Wrap body and hood with canvas straps requires a 70-80" long wrap piece.



Baby: 14" wideX15" tall. Fits babies from 3 month -up to a year
Standard: 16" wideX17" tall is for age 12month - 2 years, but it may fit til 2.5y for smaller babies.
Toddler: 17" wideX18" tall for 2 year and up.
Fit for all sizes depends on baby's height and weight of course.
Custom sizes available.



EXTRA FEATURES for all style of carriers:

  • Removable hood with D-ring attachments or snaps: $10.00
  • Print on reverse  side of body : $8.00
    (D-ring hood loop automatically modified to 2 print fabric strips
    on each side of the shoulder straps)
  • Roll up strap  :$6.00
    (holds the rolled up carrier when baby is not  riding in it)
  • Elastic webbing keepers: FREE
  • All waist styles included: FREE
  • Combo waist (padded sides, structured middle) $5.00
  • Extra Chest belt: $10.00
  • Drool pads $15.00
  • Extra hoods:

           ~Fabric flat: $14.00

           ~Fabric flat or shaped adjustable: $18.00

           ~Solarveil flat: $16.00

           ~Solarveil shaped adjustable: $20.00

  • Applique is depending on size and difficulty $15.00+

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