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what is Baltic Amber? Baltic Amber is a fossilized tree resin originating from the Baltic Sea Region of Lithuania (near Russia). Baltic Amber contains Succinic Acid and when it is heated against the skin it releases an all natural analgesic (pain relief) which helps to ease teething pains in children as well as colic and gas and other ailments. This works so well that necklaces made in lengths for children are the main thing used in Europe and Asia for teething pains and other ailments. These also work wonders with adults! They help with Migraines, arthritis, acid reflux and many many other issues!! The Amber I use is imported by me directly from Lithuania. It is found in the Baltic Region in the Baltic Sea area. Baltic Amber is believed to contain the highest amounts of this acid. Though all types of amber are believed to contain this acid only Baltic Amber contains enough to be considered healing. Contrary to what some think NOT ALL Amber is Baltic.


"Amber is associated with the solar plexus chakra and sometimes the sacral chakra. Mystical lore says that amber is beneficial for purifying the body, headaches, bone problems, heart problems, circulation, ears, hearing problems, endocrine system, fibromyalgia, intestinal/digestive disorders, kidney, bladder, lungs, and general healing purposes." INFO found HERE


Other internal uses: Amber is used as an ingredient in tonic formulas, it is used as an anti-aging formulation and a treatment to aid recovery for cancer patients after undergoing standard medical therapies. ...

Succinum is used in treating stomach ache.

Topical applications: Astringing ulcers and promoting tissue regeneration. Used externally, it is efficacious in the treatment of ulcers, boils, swellings. ...

It is interesting to note that the Chinese rely on Pure, Natural Baltic Amber. They have found what science has proven and that is that the Amber Acid from Natural Baltic Amber is the active agent and that they need Natural Baltic Amber for their remedies to be effective. Simply stated, even unripe gooseberries and rhubarb stalks, which are the richest in the natural acid, contain a thousand times less of the acid than in Baltic amber- succinite.

Russia is a major source of Baltic Amber. And their experience with it over the centuries has added to the knowledge base. ( )

Wearing baltic amber close to the skin is a traditional European remedy for baby teething. A natural analgesic, amber will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Used for centuries in Europe, amber's natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties are perfect to soothe teething babies. Amber is fossilized resin, which warms against the skin, releasing it's therapeutic properties safely and naturally. It treats the throat, stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver, and gallbladder, alleviates joint problems, and strengthens the mucus membranes. As an elixir and for wound healing, it is an excellent natural antibiotic. It aids the Abdomen, Bladder, Blood, Eyes, Kidneys, Stomach, Tissue Revitalization, Throat, Liver, and Joint Problems.


Here is what they say about Amber, or in Latin, Succinum:"

The calming effect of succinum is only one of the claimed properties, which include these main areas:

Subduing fright, tranquilizing the mind, and relieving convulsion. Succinum is used in the treatment of palpitation, amnesia, dreaminess, insomnia, etc.Alleviating water retention and relieving stranguria (difficult urination). Succinum is applied to the urinary disorders such as stranguria complicated by hematuria (blood in the urine), particularly when caused by pathogenic heat. Promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis. Succinum is used in the treatment of amenorrhea and abdominal mass caused by blood stasis and stagnation of vital energy. Amber is also recommended for lower abdominal pains affecting the genitalia, such as pain of the testes, prostate, uterus, or vulvar region. Amber "frees the orifices" which is designation for treating conditions such as atherosclerotic blockage of the arteries and blood clots that can cause angina, heart attack, and stroke.... for more info visit the website this was found on here

SOME of the things Baltic Amber helps (Including but not limited to):
Acid Reflux (GERD)
Broken bones
Chronic Back Pain
Chronic Fatigue
Gas (for children)
Kidney Disorders
Menstrual Cramps
Migraines (Chronic Headaches)
Muscular Aches and Strains
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Stomach Problems and Upset
Teething Pain

 Some Interesting facts about amber:

Amber is often sold heated, melted and pressed or even mixed with or made from synthetic materials.

Most true Baltic amber is milky and pale under the crust. The warm "amber" color occurs first after it has been exposed to oxygen for about a hundred years. To make amber more attractive to the purchases, todays industrial amber jewelry producers are manipulating to get the warm brown-reddish amber color, which often also includes discs, called sunspangles.

The most common method make amber clear is to put the material under pressure and heat in an autoclave together with nitrogen. After this procedure, it is put into an oven to obtain the sunspangles and the cognac color. This heating and treating is made to make amber jewelry more attractive.

Baltic amber occurs naturally in a variety of colors: white, yellow, brown, black, red, green and blue. The most common are honey-colored and milky. A small percentages is bone white, due to microscopic gas bubbles. The clear and translucent amber results from flowing and dripping resin. This kind often shows layers from continuing flow on already dried resin. The black and dirty brown colors are caused by a mix of resin, soil and plant fragments. The most rare have a tone of green or blue caused by gas or inclusions. If the craftsman keeps part of the natural shape, when sanding the raw amber, the crust or inclusions give a natural variety of multicolored tones.

It is possible to melt amber pebbles and press them to bigger lumps. It then becomes harder, and less brilliant when cut. Any color can be added in this procedure. This pressed amber is still considered as natural amber by some producers. Info found here

 Note* These necklaces and bracelets/anklets are designed with several safety features in the event of emergency. These necklaces have been hand knotted by me between each bead as a safety measure in case the child breaks it, the necklace will only lose one bead lessening the chance of the child swallowing a bead and choking. This necklace/bracelet/anklet has also been designed with either 100% silk thread or tuff cord (your choice) that with excessive force will break which is part of the design. Also this necklace/bracelet/anklet has been designed with either a screw clasp that is knotted from the inside, a spring ring clasp w/jump ring or a magnetic clasp that will provide a break away (separation) point in the event of being tightened too much or getting caught again to prevent the possibility of strangulation.

IF this piece of jewelry does get broken due to the safety measures or any other reasons within 3 months I will fix it free (return shipping not included). This includes completely restring the piece and exchanging clasps if needed etc. I am only human and i do make every piece by hand so there are possibilities of things breaking as with all jewelry. So i do my best to offer the best customer service in fixing any problems if they ever arise.


The maker (Baltic Creations) is not to be held liable for improper use of this jewelry.

These statements are required by US law [Small Parts Regulations]. As with any children’s toys containing small pieces, new legislation effect in the US in February, 2009, mandates an age recommendation of 3 years and older for this type of jewelry. This jewelry is NOT a toy! As with any other items containing small objects, adult supervision is recommended at all times while this jewelry is being worn. It is not recommended to leave this jewelry on a child while they are sleeping. Due to this law and the fact of me making the jewelry I am required to state this so that I do not violate this new law.

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