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Satisfied Clients (HAPPY BABIES!)


"I have to tell you, I put this on the second it came, and almost immediately MY acid reflux calmed down! I tucked it into my nursing bra to wear it to sleep, and for the first time in almost two months, I slept 7 hours in a row without waking!!!! Thank you so so much! I appreciate it so! Also, as a future idea, you may want to come up with something specifically aimed at those pregnancy discomforts. I never thought of my own benefits, only the baby. What a pleasant surprise!" Theresa K. (New York)



"I really can't put into words how impressed I am with these pieces! My necklace is just beautiful, the magnet closure is perfect, and the bead spacing is seriously impressive! The baby's anklet is out of this world! I cannot imagine something more ideal for my baby, it's a perfect balance between masculine and beauty, natural and modern. I wish I could tell the whole world about what you're doing, this is truly a wonderful service you've offered, and your prices are far too low for the custom pieces of art you've sent me! Forever grateful, Theresa" Theresa K. (New York)


"Our necklaces and anklet were gorgeous!!! Thank you so much!!! The "funny" thing is the day they arrived I'd been having a REALLY BAD DAY-had a headache and tons of tension-within ten minutes(I have other stones on mine that help with specific problems) and both my headache and tension was gone. DS1 actually seemed to have a restful sleep(one of the accent stone I got for was was fore restlessness and helped with sleep). I checked on him twice, the first time he was in the same position he had fallen asleep in. When I woke up in the middle of the night he had only shifted onto his other side. Normally he is half hanging off the bed, sleeping upside down etc.." Akila R. (Hawaii)


"Hello! I received the anklet on Friday, and immediately put it on my DS Well, his sleep patterns seems to have regulated. You are right, his BMs, and passing of gas picked up over the weekend and today. And , hehe, his burps are loud! I remember reading about wetting the amber to activate it. I did it after reading your post yesterday. His fussiness seems to be diminishing slowly, I bet the excessive gas will be the last to go. I wonder if the amber regulated his sleeping. Before, (last week) he would only sleep for maybe 15-30 minutes and since this weekend, he takes longer naps. (or it could be at 6 wks, he is regulating anyway, or both!)  Oh, I love my necklace too! Thank you so much! I have not taken it off, except for showering! Love the new pics! I just love the dark amber!(which is why I chose it for myself!" Janese (Texas)



"The anklet seems to be helping out!  I can tell she still has gas but she doesn't fuss with it.  And she's been taking great naps.  My mom thought it was so cute she said even if it didn't work she thought she needed to wear it anyway lol."  Amy W. (Alabama)


" I LOVE THIS ANKLET! ok so the mailman was running late today...of course! He got here and Sam was napping. So finally got it on him and it was time for soccer practice. We got home and he nursed and is NAPPING! he hasn't napped in the evening since 3 weeks old. He hasn't cried once...hmmmm...I am a believer now!" Brandi T. (Texas)


"We got ours on Monday! Monday and Tuesday nights she slept from 12is to 7:45 am!! WOOOHOOO! She has been a ton better in the evenings too!" Shaina M (Pennsylvania)

"Miracle worker! Love these anklets and Liana is super sweet! Thank you so much!!" Nicole W.


"I got mine in the mail yesterday afternoon!!! They are so tiny and oh sooo cute! My 13 y/o daughter even wants one! LOL I got one for Keeley and one for Landon, my 15 mo. old. Landon seemed much less crabby today, he has been cutting his molars and is so miserable and mean... he did not even bite anyone today!!!! (he always is biting when he is teething) Keeley seems to be clearing out her system, so I hope that once she is emptied out that we will have no more fussiness and gas issues!" Mykal (Michigan)


 "Liana - I got Aiden's anklet on Friday! It is SOOOO cute and tiny. We were out of town yesterday for my grandpa's 95th birthday and he wore it all day and so many people asked about it. Not only is it nice to have for the benefits of amber, but I think it is super cute too! I love it! It fits him just perfectly! He still has a little room before I have to add the extension. I actually really like having the part that hangs down. It is like a little charm/decoration!" Carolyn (California)


"Hi! You recently made me a newborn anklet for gas/colic for my baby, and I wanted to let you know it has worked amazingly well! Not sure if it is coincidence or not, but the first night she wore it she slept (4 weeks old) over 6 hours that night! She has been much more calm as well! She stills gets gas but it doesn't seem as painful and she isn't as fussy with it." Sarah

"I posted asking about gripe water for treating gas and colic in Green Families. Someone recommended using getting amber jewelery from Baltic Creations. I talked to Liana about amber and the benefits and decided to purchase a 4 in 1 newborn colic anklet from her. She was so helpful in choosing my design. She actually finished the anklet the night I ordered it and sent a pic of it to make sure that I liked it. It was in the mail the next day. My daughter used to scream whenever she pooped or farted, and now she doesn't. She actually smiles when she farts. She is a lot more comfortable. Her belly doesn't feel so hard either. If you are thinking about buying amber jewelery, buy from Baltic Creations. It's beautiful, it works, and Liana is amazing!" Julie 

Dropping by to RAVE about Baltic Creations :-)

I received DS custom 9" adjustable anklet a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the stones and design are simply beautiful and I am thrilled with the results so far!
Before getting our amber anklet Tommy had transformed from a super happy and easygoing baby into a crank-monsterthat wanted to chew on everything. I was a bit skeptical that an anklet of all things would help with his teething and other normal baby stresses, but I was at the end of my rope. Seeing my baby in pain was killing me and I had to do something! It took a day or two for me to notice the difference, but at this point you wouldn't even tell he was teething if you took away all the drool covered t-shirts and his love for fingers!
I have my happy baby back
The anklet will fit him for a long time (he's a skinny minny!) and it doesn't bother him in the least bit. His daddy (gotta love him!) wasn't too thrilled with it at first, being the big macho man he is but it's even grown on him!
As soon as the PP fairy comes my way I will be a returning customer. I want to get amber jewelry for everyone in my family who suffers from some kind of ailment! Alycia

Baltic Amber for adults:

"I started wearing amber 12 months ago for my back. I was in a car accident 6 years ago that ruined my back. I used to need the chiropractor every week or 2 and since starting to wear amber, I only go every 2 or 3 months. My back feels so good, and I notice it aching if I leave my necklace off for 2-3 days." -Maureen


"My bracelet came and it is AMAZING! It is even prettier in person than in the pics! I LOVE IT! dh really likes it too. Thank you so much!! **~** Yay for Baltic Creations - Best Amber Jewelry Anywhere! **~**" Nicole

 "Liana,  is an AMAZING mama to work with! Not only did she answer about 34616576 questions from me and walk me through the process of ordering a custom necklace for me and a wrap bracelet for my mom, the pieces are absolutely stunning! They were completed in record time and arrived in my mailbox within a few days!
I was like this when I opened the package and am proudly wearing my beautiful necklace right now -- it is gorgeous!
Customer care like Liana's is why I love to work with WAHMs!
to LianaKaren

"I read in the Green Families thread that these necklaces help with eczema and pretty much all I did was say I have a son who's eczema and allergies are flaring up badly and tell her his age and she did the rest. I also told her my two daughter's ages and some of their "issues" and she did the rest on that too. She recommended stones, lengths, closures, told me all what the stones will do, etc. She did all the hard work and was so very sweet. She was also really fast, I wasn't in a big hurry but our necklaces are already in the mail. OUR NECKLACES CAME TODAY!! We have these for various things, mostly allergies, eczema, and pre-puberty. They are simply stunning. Not only is this jewelry gorgeous and will provide us with natural healing, the entire transaction was wonderful. I just told her what our issues are and the kids' ages and she came up with the rest, necklace lengths, closures, stones needed, all that! She communicated throughout the transaction and got these made very quickly although I assured her we were not in any hurry. Even the packaging was wonderful. She also sent a separate amethyst stone and directions for me to make "amethyst water" to put directly on my son's eczema. She worried that amethyst might look too girlie in a necklace for him and knew that it would work better applied directly to the trouble spots.I could go on and on but basically we are thrilled! I will be ordering one for myself really soon. (I suffer from shoulder and neck tension from hunching over a computer for 20+ years.)

Got my necklace today ... amber for neck/shoulder/upper back pain from hunching over the computer for 20+ years and some other goodies in there for various things, pre-menopause and so on (since I'll be 40 this year )
Love it, it's gorgeous, and I'm trying to come up with more pain

Thank you so much Liana! " Michelle

"I was skeptical but after months of shoulder pain I borrowed my lo's anklet and the pain was completely gone within 24 hours. Just to prove to myself that it really worked, I took it off for a couple days and the pain returned. So I promptly ordered a necklace for myself. I still need to get an action shot. The only time I take it off is when I go to bed. I even ordered bracelets for my mom who has back pain and my aunt who has suffered from migraines for years. They are beautiful! I agree that Liana is awesome! I recommended her to several other mamas yesterday." Bobbi


Teething Necklaces:

"I have a neighbor who just had her first baby, a little boy, and has been a complete skeptic of the necklace from the day it came in the mail.  Thursday Davey was having a really rough day, and nothing would calm him.  She was the first to notice he didnít have his necklace on, and within minutes he was quieted down.  She was convinced!!" Sara D.


"Man! What a perfect day to receive his necklace! He was miserable all morning and I had to give him tylenol twice for his teething. And even with that, he couldn't nurse and would pull off and cry with such a heart wrenching cry, I felt so bad :( So I carried him around most of the day, and every time he would have an hour, to and hour and a half before i could give him more tylenol, he would just cry and cry. Definitely one of the worst teething days we've had! He's normally such a happy guy :) Anyway....he was due for more meds at 4 pm and at about 2:30 I could tell he was getting uncomfortable again....then, his necklace showed up at 3pm!!!! It's gorgeous by the way, and it's now 6 pm and no crying and he was able to nurse twice, and was actually able to finish. I'm amazed! Thanks again!!!" - Jennifer & Mylan


"We LOVE our custom Baltic Creations Necklace! My daughter has worn an amber necklace from age 6 mo till now. I recently saw the custom work by Baltic Creations and just *had* to get some new bling for my baby. It is a mix of honey, lemon, light yellow, butterscotch amber chips with turquoise, amethyst, and moonstone. She was so easy to work with- very prompt with PMs and once I decided on the stones she made it the next day and shipped it quickly! I am so impressed with her customer service and craftsmanship. WOOT!" Deborah (Kansas)


"We've been going thru a really tough time of teething for so long now, I honestly can't remember how long it's been since we weren't teething and dealing w/all the symptoms!
Shelby (21mo dd) was sleeping VERY irregularly for her. She was eating like a bird, if at all. And she was constantly not her normal happy self. (She is a RIDICULOUSLY happy child, if left to her own devices, w/o pain ) She was cranky, screechy, unpredictable and nearly impossible to please/comfort once she got into the "mode". Oh and did I mention we were using various med's as often as 3x a day, at it's worst?! So, in effort to help her pain (Tylenol/Advil/Oragel/Homeopathic Teething Tablets sure weren't cuttin' it) I bought her an amber anklet from Liana at Baltic Creations. I put it on her and within a half a day, I SWEAR we saw a HUUUUGE improvement! By yesterday she'd been wearing for a week solid and she is totally back to her normal, happy, easy-breezy, giggly, wonderful self! Now I'm not saying maybe teething hasn't let up a bit, but I think it would be just a little too coincidental to have done so within HOURS of putting on her anklet. I just don't buy it. Now I hafta tell y'all bout the gorgeous piece of jewelry my lil angel has gotten out of all this! It's soooooo freakin' pretty! It's a double strand anklet (double the amber's power-punch, right?!) made of multi-color (four to be exact) polished amber. Shelby admired it for a while once it was 1st put on, but then it just became a part of her. She doesn't mess w/it at all!!  I HIGHLY recommend amber to anyone who has any pain issues w/their lo. It's good for a huge variety of maladies from teething (um HELLO, lol) to colic (tho we got it much later in Shel's life than that, and she didn't have colic issues) I can vouch---IT REALLY WORKS!!! And if ur gonna try amber-ya hafta get it from Liana!!! Her work is unparalleled and her customer service is outstanding! She's super affordable compared to many other CUSTOM venues out there. Yes! Her work is ALL CUSTOM to your specifications!!!! Oh and for us lucky DS mamas she covers our shipping!!! This is a must-you mamas hafta try it---YOU'LL LOVE IT!!! And Liana: THANK YOU!!!! (I'll be shouting that from the roof tops for ages to come!!!)" Wendy (Las Vegas, Nevada)


"he was doing the biting/pulling thing and also refusing to nurse/crying while nursing until I got him a teething necklace! Seriously amazing! Now the only way I know he's teething is he gets a bit stuffed up and drools like crazy! But no biting and no refusing to nurse!" Jennifer


 "We have had a necklace for quite a few months now and absolutely LOVE it! He just cut two of the first 4 teething that are coming through! One on Christmas eve and then the other on Christmas day...and he wasn't even cranky! Before the necklace...bad teething days were a nightmare!" Jennifer R.

"Hey Liana... yds has 2 teeth now! And he hasn't shown a hint of discomfort. Hmmm, do you think it could be because he wears Baltic Creations amber? : Nichole


"I have been having the most excruciating pain in my back (on the lower right side, I guess about where your kidneys would be) for weeks now and its been getting progressively worse. Feels like someone is kicking me in the kidneys and/or ripping me apart from the inside out! I have a Midwife appt on Saturday so I will be mentioning it to her, but I needed some relief. Not to mention this pregnancy has turned me into a raging hormonal monster and my poor DH had had it with my mood swings.
Liana was so sweet and helpful and helped me pick out gemstones to help with the other problems I had been having to add to the amber she uses to ease pain. She was super quick and had my necklace made within 2 days, even with it being ordered right before Xmas! Thanks! Although I wouldn't call myself a skeptic, I got the necklace not expecting it to work, but hoping it would. In my mind if it didn't work, at least it was pretty But about 2-3 hours after I started wearing it, I felt sooo much better! I had more energy and my back pain was gone! I actually deep cleaned my house that day! It wasn't until later that night I remembered I was wearing the I decided I wasn't taking it off. It has helped my mood a LOT and I feel much more calm rather than anxious like I had been feeling...
What really cemented the fact that this WORKS for me was something that happened a few days ago. On vacation for Xmas break, I was lounging around in my pjs with DD and DH one day. We were just sitting around watching TV. I was wearing a high necked t-shirt I wear to sleep in. In the evening I started having the most excruciating back pain, in the same spot as before but worse than ever! As in doubled over, taking my pants off (because somehow they were to blame? ), and begging my DH to massage me. After about an hour of suffering I reached for my necklace (I was thinking WHY ISN'T IT WORKING?!?!?! ) and realized it was on the outside of my was freezing cold. I read on Liana's WAHM site that the amber works to relieve pain by heating up when in contact with the skin and releasing some acid which I forget how to spell. So I put the necklace back in my shirt and a few hours later, no more pain.

I will definitely be getting an anklet for my newb and a necklace for my DD too! Thanks again!" Maggie

  I went back into my email today to find out what we had put in my mother's necklace (for menopause) and was looking at what we had put in my necklace (I was pg at the time).  I have to share a short version of my birth story.
  The day before my due date I was having contractions 5 minutes apart but they weren't intense and I was advised to wait a bit.  They stopped completely but started again the  next morning.  After 6 hours they stopped again.  The next day I had NOTHING.  Two days after my due date they came on suddenly at 4 minutes apart, very intense, and the baby was born at home by a paramedic 75 minutes after the first contraction.  I believe a combination of the necklace and Hypnobabies hypnosis helped me to have such a quick, natural, relatively pain free birth.  Sure, it was intense but I'd do it again!  I felt great the entire time and was home from the hospital in 8 hours time.  I still feel great!
Thanks so much!


"This Mama does great work!! Here is one she made for my little guy!" Lauren W. (Canada)



 NEW arthritis anklets

Caiden in large raw rounds




MY DH's necklace and him in MY wrap

PREGNANCY NECKLACES ON some Gorgeous pregnant (or just given birth) mamas!

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