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Oct 7, 2008
Item: Baby's First Halloween Karate Pant Set
Customer service: Wonderful! Fast shipping! It came packaged so cute with a Halloween ribbon.
Product review: I love it!! I haven't put it on him yet, but will be for our trip to the pumpkin patch next week!
2008-10-11 08:21:52
When purchased:
Aug 20, 2008
Item: Kitty Fleece Karate set
Customer service: Great CS
Product review: Fantastic Fleece pants and shirt. Thanks Momma
2008-09-27 10:13:32
When purchased:
Jul 28, 2008
Item: Can You Dig It? Small shorties set! *Auction to benefit Katherine
Customer service:
Product review: Just adorable!
2008-08-09 01:51:42
When purchased:
Jun 10, 2008
Item: Flower Child Newborn - Small Tunisian longies
Customer service: Great!
Product review: Beautifully made!
2008-08-06 03:19:51
When purchased:
Jun 6, 2008
Item: Strawberry Tea Party Shorties and Tee set!
Customer service: Very nice and fast shipping!!
Product review: Wow, I am really impressed with the shirt and shorties set I got. The quality is great, the colors are beautiful, the wool is soft! I am thrilled! I saw this set and had to have it, I am so glad its mine!! :)
2008-06-17 04:01:32

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