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Why a hybrid fitted?

We are proud to present our side snapping hybrid fitted. If you are curious as to what a hybrid fitted is, here is the run down on why it might be a better cloth diapering solution for your family.
A hybrid fitted is a cloth diaper with a water resistant fleece sewn into the diaper, replacing PUL. The benefits of fleece as a water barrier versus PUL is that fleece is breathable and allows for adequate air circulation to baby's skin. Polyester fleece repels urine away from the outer of the diaper and back into the absorbent parts of the diaper. It is a material that is able to keep your baby's diaper feeling dry for up to 3 hours, the average amount of time between diaper changes.
I conducted a little experiment to demonstrate the water resistant properties of the material inside our hybrids. Pictured here is a droplet of water left to sit on top of the fleece for 3 hours. Notice how it doesn't absorb the water? The bottom of the fleece was completely dry. This is the magic of a hybrid fitted.


Hybrids will never delaminate and leak, they do not require finicky washing conditions, and they may be bleached with color safe bleach. If you are looking for the perfect solution for diaper wear around the house, a hybrid fitted is your optimum choice.
A hybrid fitted is the best of both diapering worlds, perfect for those who are seeking both a breathable diaper and a long lasting diaper. Wrap a cover on baby for over night use and end the night time diapering woes - this diaper will ensure that you wake up with dry sheets in the morning. If you're going out with baby, simply use a cover over the hybrid fitted or wear an Appleberry AI2.

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