*About our Soakers*

Prissy Pants©, Prissy Pants Skirtys© and Big Boy Britches© are truly unique soakers!

They are handcrafted/hand sewn pull-on diaper covers made of either blizzard or anti-pill fleece, intended to be used with pinned prefolds or fitted diapers.

All of our soakers offer great leak protection with a doubler in the wet zone that is only sewn in the front and back of soaker. This not only eliminates the ugly sew lines you get from sewing all around the soaker, but also allows for quick drying after laundering the covers.


Benefits of our fleece soakers:

No elastic to bind or create red rings
Choice of either blizzard or anti-pill fleece, buttery soft and long-lasting
Fleece is breathable, waterproof and easy to care for
Great fit whether skinny or chubby with the natural, gentle elastic of the fleece itself
Adorable styling and fit
Designed to fit over even the bulkiest cloth diapers



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