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Prissy Pants, Prissy Pants Skirty, Big Boy Britches, Longies and shorties Care instructions:
About Fleece

Fleece is a wonderful fabric for diaper covers. It is 100% polyester and breathable. It works because it is also water-repellent. So you get the great combination of breathability and water repellency. Add to that easy care and you have a terrific diaper cover.

About 2 by 2 Soakers

Your 2 by 2 Soaker is meant to be used with a fitted diaper with snaps, velcro or pins, or a pinned or fastened prefold.

Please try soaker on for fit before washing. Wash before first use as a cover, though! If you experience any leaks with your new cover, wash it 4-6 times on warm or hot and tumble dry on regular or high to help tighten up the fleece.

The fleece that your soaker is made from is truly easy to care for. Machine wash it with any detergent and other clothes on warm or hot. Fabric softener and dryer sheets will actually help waterproof it more. Tumble dry, or line dry as they dry very quickly. There is almost nothing you can’t do to fleece!

If you experience leaks

Switch detergents. This usually does the trick. Dr. Bronner’s or even mild dish soap are good choices to try. If that doesn’t work, use a wash-in product like Nikwax PolarProof. While some manufacturers of cloth diaper covers use fabric that has already been treated with waterproofing chemicals by the fabric manufacturer, we prefer to leave that decision to you, and offer our cover in non-treated fabric only.

To remove detergent residues, which can attract water and cause leaks, use Sport-Wash. You can find Sport-Wash in the camping aisle at Wal-Mart. 

Fleece will wick moisture through to an absorbent fabric like cotton if compressed against a sodden diaper for several hours. If you are experiencing leaks in clothing, first make sure you have an absorbent enough diaper underneath so that it's not getting absolutely soaked between changes. Then make sure that the clothing going over the cover (if not using our skirty) is cut full in the crotch and not compressing the fleece. The biggest culprit is a slightly-too-small, cotton snap crotch shirt or onesie.

Make sure that the legs of both diaper and cover are nice and snug against the thigh.

To keep the fleece softer longer

Don't wash with flannel or diapers, or anything that sheds a lot of lint. The fleece can pick up the lint and pill up. If it does this, you can get a brush like a lamby brush and brush out your fleece!

To combat lingering odors

Use Sport-Wash
2 By 2 Woven Baby Wrap Care instructions:
The first time you wash your 2 by 2 Woven Baby Wrap, please wash separately from other clothes.  Although the fabrics dyes are set, occasionally some unbonded dye remains in the fabric fibers.  You do not need to “set” the dye – you only need to rinse out the excess.  This is especially likely if your wrap is a deep color such as purple or red.  To clean the excess dye from your wrap, simply rinse in warm water several times until the water runs clear.  You may wish to add salt to the water in order to speed this process. 

Our 2 by 2 Woven Baby Wraps are made of lightweight cotton, and they should be treated with care to ensure the longest life of your product.  Ideally, our wraps should be hand-washed in lukewarm water with gentle detergent, rinsed well, and hung to dry.  We realize that many moms cannot find the time to hand-wash. 

If you decide to machine-wash your 2 by 2 Woven Baby Wrap, use a gentle setting and a mild detergent.  If your machine is a top-loading machine with an agitator, secure your wrap in a pillowcase or mesh sweater bag before washing.  This will keep the fabric from wrapping tightly around the agitator and becoming strained, which would cause premature wear or even damage in your fabric. 

Ideally gauze wraps will be hung to dry.  However, if you find it necessary to machine dry your wrap, please do so separately from other clothing to avoid tangling and dry on low heat or an air-dry setting.
Wetbags Care:

Caring for you wetbags could not be simpler. Just simply turn the wetbag inside out and wash with your cloth diapers or like colors.  Turn right side in and line or hang dry. Some woven fabrics may shed strings the first few washes. In this case, simply snip away the stray threads.


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