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Apr 15, 2012
Item:Grab Bag of Large Mudsliders- 8pk
Customer service:Good.
Product review: Sliders are cut; not sewn in anyway. They are not too thick. They are a good idea tho',but need more care in sewing and trim.
2012-05-11 02:01:14
When purchased:
Oct 14, 2011
Item:Overnight Training Pants
Customer service:Good. These trainers didn't work for us, but since I couldn't return them (they were used) she offered a $5 credit.
Product review: These trainers didn't work for us, but my son is a very heavy wetter. I don't think anything fleece would hold up overnight for him. These are super cute and seem to be well made.
2012-02-10 10:31:13
When purchased:
Aug 26, 2011
Item:Grab Bag of Small Mudsliders- 8pk
Customer service:Perfect :)
Product review: Great product!
2011-10-08 05:03:01
When purchased:
Aug 29, 2011
Item:Grab Bag of Large Mudsliders- 8pk
Customer service:Shipped quickly and included a coupon for next time! :)
Product review: We love these in our home! They're great for on the go so I don't have to worry about staining on my diapers when I can't spray right away. Such a clever idea! :)
2011-09-23 03:03:57
When purchased:
Aug 22, 2011
Item:Custom Nursing Pillow cover- fits boppy- You pick fabrics!
Customer service:Wonderful!
Product review: So cute!! Exactly what I had hoped for!
2011-09-11 01:23:55
When purchased:
Dec 20, 2010
Item:Crayon roll for jen
Customer service:Such a sweetheart! What a pleasure to work with!
Product review: Adorable! Perfect for my little girl! Thank you!
2011-01-06 01:22:59
When purchased:
Sep 17, 2010
Item:Rockstar 8x8 Wipes
Customer service:Great communication, and fast shipping!
Product review: The wipes are so well made and super soft.
2010-09-25 09:36:25
When purchased:
May 12, 2010
Item:Heather Grey Baby/Toddler leg warmers
Customer service:Excellent. Mama let me know of a delay in shipping, and included an "extra" for the delay.
Product review: Too cute! I bought a fleece soaker with little ruffles and two leg warmers. Can't wait to use them!
2010-06-02 12:01:45
When purchased:
Feb 7, 2010
Item:2 Custom T-Shirts for Kristine
Customer service:excellent with fast shipping
Product review: beautiful shirts
2010-03-07 08:36:09
When purchased:
Sep 11, 2009
Item:Ghosts & Ghouls Prissy Pants Skirty
Customer service:great
Product review: adorable outfit
2010-01-04 02:21:16
When purchased:
Sep 2, 2009
Item:CuStOm ShOeS By TwOsIeS- you pick all!
Customer service:Quick turn-around for custom order, and very helpful, polite service.
Product review: These are great shoes - lots of cute prints to chose from, and my son enjoys the fuzzy insides (compared to the rougher leather insides of regular Robeez-style slippers).
2009-12-07 02:01:40
When purchased:
Nov 2, 2009
Item:XL Recycled Wool Longies- Grey on Grey "Gap"
Customer service:Transaction was fine, thank you!
Product review: okay sewn pants/wool longies. good deal, not too expensive.
2009-11-23 08:51:57
When purchased:
Sep 21, 2009
Item:Daytime Training Pants
Customer service:Very nice mama!
Product review: High quality, good fitting trainer.
2009-10-09 11:52:15
When purchased:
Jun 20, 2009
Item:Custom Slot: Prissy Nights~ Nighttime soakers
Customer service:excellent! Very pleasant to work with! :)
Product review: Thank you so much! this cover is gorgeous! My DD loves her tractor cover! Thanks for the extras!
2009-10-08 04:47:55
When purchased:
Jul 16, 2009
Item:Custom Slot: Prissy Nights~ Nighttime soakers
Customer service:Fantastic!
Product review: Awesome soakers, so cute and great for overnight!
2009-07-28 07:40:26
When purchased:
Jul 5, 2009
Item:Large Wetbag Custom Slot- YPA!
Customer service:Great communication, fast shipping:)
Product review: I LOVE these bags! They are at least twice the size of other size "large" hanging wetbags we've tried, and they are beautiful! Thanks so much, your wetbags are the new favorite in our home:)
2009-07-26 01:17:33
When purchased:
Jun 15, 2009
Item:Medium Wetbag Custom Slot- YPA!
Customer service:Awesome!
Product review: Fantastic quality, and lots of choices! LOVE it!
2009-07-03 12:26:36
When purchased:
Jun 19, 2009
Item:Custom I-Spy Bag
Customer service:Great communication and fast service. Thanks!
Product review: Cute I-spy bag. Not only did my son love it, but so did my neighbor and another friend plans to buy one or two for her kids. Well-made, fun fabric, and great to keep little eyes busy.
2009-07-02 12:39:08
When purchased:
Apr 19, 2009
Item:Dragon Hooded Towel and Washcloths Gift Set
Customer service:great!
Product review: love it!
2009-05-04 11:10:56
When purchased:
Apr 20, 2009
Item:Chocolate Unpaper towels
Customer service:Great! Fast Shipping!
Product review: I love this mama's unpaper towels! She makes great products!
2009-04-27 11:32:05
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