Welcome to Squeezie Cheeks, your cloth diapering go to store. We carry Hybrids, fitted diapers, pockets / AI2s, covers, waterproof trainers, overnight big-kid solutions, Maxaloones, fleece & wool yoga pants & soakers, bibs, Zorb II & bamboo inserts, wetbags, pail liners, wipes, and more. Some of our past creations can be seen here on Picasaweb: Diapers & Trainers.

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Squeezie Cheeks is a family inspired company that takes utmost pride in the quality of its products.  Squeezie Cheeks is owned and operated by Sandy and Amy, a mother-daughter team that love to let their creative juices flow. 
Squeezie Cheeks was born when Amy discovered modern day cloth diapering with her youngest child.  Amy instantly saw the benefits of using cloth, both environmentally and economically.  A few weeks after purchasing her first cloth diaper, Amy discovered her passion for sewing her own diapers, Sandy soon followed suite, and as it is said, the rest was history.  Amy and Sandy work out of their homes Houston.

The name Squeezie Cheeks has significant meaning to Sandy and Amy, as it was Amy's eldest child that invented the name.  While at the beach, he was standing along the water's edge and announced that the sand felt squeezie in his toes.  The description was perfect for the occasion and it instantly lent itself to the business' name.
We strive to operate a green business.  From compact fluorescent lighting in our workspace to reusing and up-cycling shipping packaging and re-purposing gently used clothing, Squeezie Cheeks is bettering our planet one bum at a time. 

If you have questions please email us at amy@squeeziecheeks.com.

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