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"Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am. Not only with the wonderful diaper, but with your business overall, and how professionally you have created it. I was so impressed that you included tags in the diaper, and your branding, which is excellent - with your logo everywhere, even down to the Pooligans ribbon. I wasn't expecting all that with a WAHM product but you have definitely gone above and beyond."  ~ Kathy, October 20, 2009

"These diapers rock!  I used them last night with both of my kids and they both sleep on their stomachs plus DD was up for an hour wanting to eat (which she never does anymore) so she was more wet last night.  They didn't leak and the backs of the diapers were still dry.  I really like them! Awesome diapers! ..."  ~ Sheryl H., October 3, 2009

"Just got it Yesterday! -Wore one overnight, It was amazing! Now wearing one now, They are the softest and most squishy diapers I have ever felt. Cadyn seems to like them as well."  ~ Krysta R., October 1, 2009

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