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Adjustable Anklet - A necklace alternative with a full 10" of Baltic amber.  Your child won't outgrow it!

Necklace Screw /  Twist Clasp

One end of the clasp screws into the other.  Any clasp that screws or twists together is NOT a "breakaway" clasp nor a "safety" clasp. 

Most necklaces with this type of clasp break under 8-15 lbs of tension.  In some cases, more than 15 lbs is needed.  The handmade aspect is the cause of the variation.  

Snap Clasps

Far more
prone to breakage than screw / twist clasps.  Comes unfastened at 2-6 lbs of tension, similar to a magnetic clasp.  Not strong enough to keep toddlers from removing the necklace from themselves.  

Children should be supervised when wearing jewelry, and it should be removed when the child sleeps.

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