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While I do not anticipate that everyone who tries wearing amber will share these delightful outcomes, please know that many do!

In addition to what is listed below, we have received positive feedback from our customers about baltic amber necklaces helping the discomfort of: Tendonitis, Orthodontic Braces Adjustments, and Neck and Shoulder Pain.  Also, our jewelry made with the amber-colored plastic screw clasps are perfect for those with an allergy to Nickle!


For Arthritis

1) "I ordered my husband's nana a bracelet for her arthritis recently (she has been on meds for it for years) and she said the bracelet makes more of a difference than the meds! So we wanted to get her a second for her other hand. (figured you'd want to know how much she loves it =)"

2) "The swelling in my Mom's hand went down by 50%."

For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

1) "They seem to help control the pain/irritation.""At night its just a great help. I used to wake more nights than not due to the "pins and needles" of the carpal tunnel, and I haven't been waking at all. GREAT!"

2) "I decided it was time to try a bracelet for myself. It has helped my carpal tunnel so much."

For Chemotherapy

1) I've been wearing my amber bracelet to help with joint pain associated with chemotherapy. Prior to this I was a healthy 26 year old with no joint issues. It has helped me tremendously. I had been to the point where my knees hurt so bad at night they would give way when going up and down the stairs and needed constant ice massages to keep them happy. I'm now super happy to say that my pain is almost completely gone, no more knees giving way, no more ice massages, and a much happier me. I also have restarted my triatholon training and find that I don't need to take days off from muscle soreness no matter how hard I push myself!!

2) My Mom wanted me to let you know that she is completely blown away! The first night she put them on, within an hour she said it didn't take the neuropathy completely away but she could tell the hand her bracelet was on as the discomfort wasn't as intense . . . she actually could FEEL things for the first time in months! She left for chemo the next day, no fever, no joint pain. I haven't talked to her to see how she is today, but it seems to really have effected her usual terrible side effects of the chemo!! And WOW I have to tell you what a great mood she has been in. Not to mention she hasn't had to refill her (pain) meds! Thank you sooo much !!!


For migraine headaches

1) "I haven't had a single migraine since I put this thing on. Of course, I haven't discontinued my prevention meds, but they had only gotten my headaches down to 1-2 per month . . . Oh, and I've been sleeping MUCH better too! I would definitely recommend a amber for migraines! What does (anyone) have to lose? Even if it doesn't work as well for (someone else) as it did for me, (they will) still have a beautiful necklace."

2) "I get really bad migraines at least a couple times a week. Today I could feel that I was going to get one, my jaw hurt and I could feel the muscles in the face tighten like they do when I am going to get a migraine. Well I didn't end up getting one, which never happens. If I feel one coming on it has never just went away on its own before. I sent a link to your HC to a friend who also suffers and told her she should get one as well."

3) "I have had major migraines since a head injury at work. I was attacked by a male inmate at the prison I worked for. He hit me several times in the head with a lock causing significant damage and a long hospital stay. Since recovery the migraines have been daily. After wearing my necklace for a few days the migraines eased and have continued to ease. I have not had to take medication for my head in over 3 weeks. My doctor is amazed."

For non-migraine headaches

I wanted to let you know that I am SO HAPPY w/ my necklace. I really feel like it has been helping w/ my headaches. I have suffered w/ them for years, been onmany medications. The only other thing that has ever kept them at bay was frequent chiropractor visits. But this necklace has helped. I have also had 2 friend put on the necklace when they had a headache, for it to disappear within 2 hrs!!! You have some converts here!! I will spread the word about these amazing necklaces!

My husband has suffered from severe headaches for most of his adult life. He isn't allowed to wear any kind of jewelery at work, but he puts his amber on the moment he gets home. He usually comes home with a headache, but says that it is generally gone within 45 mintues of putting on the necklace. Before the amber, I was buying him at least one bottle of aspirin every month for his headaches... I haven't bought him a single bottle in 4 months.

For menstrual discomfort

"I recently bought matching necklaces for my daughter and myself. For me it was really purchased to be "just a pretty necklace" but then something surprised me. Every month since I was 12 years old, I experience extreme cramping and headaches before my menstrual cycle. This past weekend I wore my necklace and my cycle started . . . with no terrible warning. I couldn't believe it. No head aches, no splitting cramps, nothing! Thank you. Thank you so much."


I purchased an adult amber necklace for myself for trouble associatedwith TMJ and other dental problems...It is less than 2 weeks from the when I got my necklace and I *love* it! My dental pain is almost entirely gone and other aches and pains seem to have dissipated. On top of those things the jewelry is beautiful as well! I placed my order for my daughter last night and am confident it will help her too!


For Pregnancy Heartburn & Reflux

I want to give this more time, but have to tell you...I've worn it for 24+ hours now and I'm happy.  I'm 32 weeks pregnant, having terrible heartburn, and have hit the point where papaya won't work, TUMS won't work, and I've been dependant on Pepcid DAILY.  I hate taking meds while pregnant (well, anytime, really) and breastfeeding (and I'm doing both) and wanted to give this a try.  So far I haven't even taken any papaya!  I've tested it too, with sausage, pizza, coffee, and cinnamon rolls.....all things that trigger my heartburn (in addition to the fact that I have heartburn 24/7 right now!).

Non-Pregnancy Related Reflux

I was taking a dose of Pepcid every day.  Now I hardly ever have to take it.


I ordered a Hazelwood necklace from you a few months ago... it worked great for my son. He has been constipated and the necklace worked wonders for him.  Well a few weeks ago I started to notice that he was having 'troubles' every now and then...it is official, he is in desperate need of a new necklace.

Skin Conditions

I purchased the hazelwood and aquamarine necklace in June hoping it would help with my eczema.  I have struggled with eczema for years.  I tried just about everything I could think of, every cream on the market.  Even prescription creams.  Nothing helped.  My eczema is the worst on my right hand, although I have it sporadically on my arms. My hand itche'd and ached so badly, I cried sometimes.  When I found the necklace I thought I might as well try it! Let me just say, it has been the remedy I needed all this time! Within 1 week of wearing it, my eczema on my hand was about 90% gone!  After 2 weeks, it was completely gone and has been since. There was a short period of time I didn't wear it and I noticed little bumps starting to itch on my hand.  I started wearing the necklace consistently and they went away.  I am amazed! I live in NE Ohio and when the weather breaks, my eczema flares up.  It has yet to do so! I ama true believer in he healing powers of hazelwood and aquamarine. It has truly helped clear my eczema!!! 

Thanks again!!!

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