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Policies and FAQ's

1. When do you Stock?

We stock ready to ship diapers every other Tuesday, unless announced otherwise on the main FB page. Stockings are generally at 4:00pm Est, however time changes may occur. These changes will be announced on the main FB page found here:

2. Do you make customs?

Yes! Customs are stocked here on the HyenaCart store every other Tuesday, between ready to ship diaper stockings. 


3. What do boogieBUMS diapers cost?

Standard costs are as follows:
boogieBABYs (newborn) $25
boogieBUMS (Os)$30 
boogie BETWEEN size $32
boogieBIGs (toddler fit) $35

boogieBEDTIMES $40


*prices may vary depending on prints

4. How quickly do you ship?

Ready to ship diapers are sent out within 3 business days after stocking. 

5. Do you need a cover with these diapers?
Covers are required for all hybrid fitted diapers, although many mamas (myself included) choose to go coverless at times in boogieBUMS. 

6. Do boogieBUMS diapers need to be prepped?
All bB fabrics are prewashed, so there is no need to "prep" them, although we recommend an initial wash just to rid of any factory dust and handling. 

7. What do we recommend for washing?

-Wash the entire load in a rinse cycle, no detergent, with cold water. This will remove any left over ickiness on your diapers, help prevent stains, and ensure your diapers come out clean.

-Wash again full cycle with warm water. Wash using just slightly less than the recommended amount of detergent. 

-Do a second cold water rinse, no detergent. I personally like to do a third cold rinse with half the amount of a liquid fabric softener like Mrs Meyers, but this is not necessary

-Tumble dry on low or line dry (our preferred method).  Line drying can help reduce fading and pilling of your prints as well as help eliminate stains. 

**NEVER boil your diapers.  Boiling will damage the snaps & elastic beyond repair and void any & all warranties.  

***Do not bleach your diapers! This will cause discoloration and can damage the fibers and elastic in your diapers.

8. I just washed them, but my diapers are still smelly! 

- Smelly diapers aren't clean diapers. Your cloth diapers should smell like clean clothes when they come out of the dryer, after all these diapers are made with the same materials are clothes are made of!  The following can cause smelly diapers:

-Detergent buildup. Make sure you’re not using too much soap and that your cloth diapers are rinsing clean. Check the load during the final rinse cycle. You shouldn’t see any bubbles. If you’ve got bubbles, continue rinsing until they’re gone.

Detergents with added fragrances, oils, brighteners, softeners, enzymes and other additives can cause build up.

-Hard water. Many municipal water systems contain minerals, and lots of minerals can get in the way of your detergents ability to clean your clothes & diapers. In short, the detergent is working to break down those minerals instead of working to clean your laundry.

Using a water softener such as Calgon usually resolves the smell issue if you have hard water.

-Not enough detergent. Some cloth diapering sites recommend using just a teaspoon, or even just a few drops, of detergent. You need detergent to get your diapers clean! Don’t overdo the soap, but don’t be afraid of it either.

-It may also be a good idea once a month to add RLR to your load. 

9. What is your return policy for stocked diapers? We know that you have an abundance of cloth diapering options & we are thrilled that you’re considering us!

We’re proud of the quality of our materials and craftsmanship, but mistakes do happen.

All of our cloth diapers come with a 15 day unconditional, money back guarantee. LOVE your new cloth diaper, or return it in new & unwashed condition for a full refund. Costs to return the item to boogieBUMS are the responsibility of the consumer.

A restocking fee of 10% may be charged on returned items. We reserve the right to deduct any and all PayPal fees that may be charged due to refund transactions.

All boogieBUMS cloth diapers are guaranteed for 30 days (when recommended washing instructions have been followed). If you discover a defect in your diaper contact us ASAP. If you’re within the 30-day time frame, we’ll either fix or replace (at our discretion) your diaper and cover all shipping charges in both directions. Please note that some prints are one of a kind or hard to find; we’ll do our best to replace with the same print but may not always be able to.

We encourage all boogieBUMS customers to carefully review all packages upon receipt to confirm order accuracy along with fit and quality prior to washing or prepping your items.

In the rare event of a manufacturing defect, please contact customer service immediately at Please include your order number, item name, and description of defect within the email (pictures are helpful as well). We will review your email and respond within 2 business days. Should it be determined the defect in question is a valid manufacturer’s defect, we will replace, repair, or refund (less shipping charges) your order (at our discretion) within 90 days of purchase.

Upon receipt of the returned item, boogieBUMS will (at our discretion) provide you with a replacement, repair, refund (less shipping charges), or store credit.

Assuming the above defect does not apply, n

o refunds will be given on any washed, worn, used items, including any items not bought directly from boogieBUMS by you. Normal wear and tear is not considered a manufacturing defect. boogieBUMS diapers are individually and lovingly handmade rather than machine processed. Therefore, minor variations can be expected from item to item.

Normal wear is not considered a manufacturing defect. Prints, velour and bamboo may wear differently depending on your water, wash routine, detergents, etc. Fabric wear is not a manufacturing defect.

We do not repair or replace elastic unless your diaper is still within the 30-day time frame.


 Where are your diapers made?  Do you make them yourself?

Each of our cloth diapers is hand-crafted in Niceville, Florida.  Since opening in 2012, we've moved production out of our kitchen & into our factory aka garage.   Right now we have Melissa cutting fabric and learning to sew. I am the only seamstress,  everything else is done by us (Kristin & Tim).  You can learn more about us by following us on Facebook here 

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