MJC & Mjc LookBooks SWAG ~ 6 pins

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6 LookBooks pins, stuff from Art Fair & Platinum stickers, magnetic puzzle and an old lollipop (it's from Art Fair so it might still be good :)

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Donor Bridgette Lott

Amber Roussel was tragically killed in a car accident on July 30, 2012, leaving behind her beloved husband, Ryan, and three cherished children: Lauren (12), Emmie (3) and Ryan (1). Amber was just like you and me: a devoted parent who doted on her children. She was an active member of our virtual community, admired for her positivity and warmth. All proceeds from this auction will go to the Amber Roussel Memorial Foundation which directly benefits Amber's family for their significant future needs.
In addition, a separate donation can be made at:

MJC & Mjc LookBooks SWAG ~ 6 pins

MJC & Mjc LookBooks SWAG ~ 6 pins

MJC & Mjc LookBooks SWAG ~ 6 pins

MJC & Mjc LookBooks SWAG ~ 6 pins

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