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<u>A.D.D. / A.D.H.D Bracelet or Pocket Piece<u/> A.D.D. / A.D.H.D Bracelet or Pocket Piece
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Made with grade A or better Lepidolite, Black Tourmaline, and rare optical-quality Frosted Quartz beads 

Lepidolite (dark purple round bead) is a soothing stone that promotes relaxation.  It is very useful for hyperactivity and attention deficit.  It can help calm an overactive mind. Black tourmaline (black bead) helps one disengage from compulsive behaviors.

Optical-quality quartz (white beads) is present to amplify the vibration of the lepidolite and black tourmaline.

This gemstone bracelet is made with gemstone beads that are approximately 1/8" -  3/8" in size, and with a .925 sterling silver spring-ring clasp and sterling findings.  A picture of the clasp is below.

Size "Small" is made with a full 6 1/2" of gemstones, and fits up to a 6 1/2" wrist.

Size "Large" is made with a full 7 1/2" of gemstones, and fits a 6 3/4" to a 7 1/2" wrist.

The largest size fits a 7 3/4 to 8 1/2" wrist.

Here's what our customers have to say about our our ADD/ADHD jewelry:

I wanted to let you know how amazing the ADHD necklace has worked for my son.   He is 7.5 and has been on medications for ADHD since shortly after he turned 5.  He had behavioral therapy for 2 years and I tried many other modifications with moderate success.   He's been wearing the ADHD necklace for about 4 weeks now and he went three days this weekend without his stimulant medication. He needed redirection the way I would expect any typical 7 year old boy to need it but it was what I would expect from a seven year old, not the usual ADHD behavior I am used to.  He's doing so well I almost sent him to school without his medication today and probably will one day this week to see how he does.

The necklace is AMAZING and I'm recommending it to all my friends whose kids have ADHD.   I just wish I had bought one sooner!


I just want to thank you so much.

I purchased the ADD/ADHD necklace for my son (he will be 4yrs old in June) hoping that it would help him a little. He was having issues with all three domains: Inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Let me tell you, I didn't realize how bad he had gotten until we had the necklace. We've only had the necklace for 2 and a half weeks, but it's like night and day. He obeys and follows through with most tasks, we have less issues with his hyperactivity (but some of that is normal for his age) and he is doing so much better with controlling his impulses. My mom was super skeptical about it, but even she says it's helping.

I took it off for a couple days to see if the necklace was causing a flare up of his psoriasis (I think it is, but I don't care anymore) and his behavior worsened to the point it was like we were back in square one. I put the necklace back on Thursday night and by Friday afternoon, even he was able to tell the difference and told me not to take his necklace away ever again.

I bought the necklace as a last step before seeking professional treatment, and I wasn't expecting huge results, but I'd say we've seen a 75% reduction in his negative behaviors at least. It's amazing, and if I hadn't heard about your company, I'm sure he'd be on medication before he started school.
So thank you very, very much.
Rachelle Martin



It is working Awesome!!! People dont believe it.
Thanks so much!!!!

Thanks Again

You have nothing to lose by giving this necklace a try!  If you purchase this bracelet and are not convinced that it is a benefit to you, we are happy to accept your return and issue you a refund for this item.  Just contact us within 30 days from the date you made the purchase.

MATCHING BRACELETS FOR CHILDREN - We recommend this bracelet for children who display hyperactive behavior or have been diagnosed with A.D.D or A.D.H.D.
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<u>A.D.D. / A.D.H.D Bracelet or Pocket Piece<u/>
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