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<u>Raw Amber<br>Diversity</u> Raw Amber

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Raw amber is not mechanically polished to a shine and generally contains imperfections not found in polished beads. During the polishing process many imperfections are simply polished away.

What is Baltic amber and how can it help us?  What is succinic acid?  What colors and styles of Baltic amber contain the most succinic acid?   Baltic amber contains analgesic properties, and as you will see when you click on the above link, it is prized for a number of health and wellness benefits.            

Our necklaces and bracelets are handcrafted and are made of high-quality, authentic Baltic amber, the most esteemed type of amber in the world.  Our amber jewelry is not made of plastics, synthetics, copals, reconstituted amber, or any other imitation of Baltic amber.  Click here to see information about our quality assurance program, certificates of authenticity, and our money-back guarantee.

How to get the maximum benefit from wearing Baltic amber.  How to clean and care for your amber.  

This necklace fastens with a screw clasp, and the necklace cord is knotted in between each bead. You will notice price add-ons for the longer length necklaces in the "Size" drop-down box of this listing. The # in stock may also appear here if a certain length is out of stock, or close to it.

Allergic reactions/topical skin irritations to wearing baltic amber are extremely rare, but do occur from time-to-time.

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