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When purchased:
Oct 29, 2010
Item:Butter Round
Customer service:Perfect Transaction
Product review: Item exactly as described. Will buy more!
2014-04-15 01:07:15
When purchased:
Feb 27, 2014
Item:Raw Amber -BEAN Goldenrod
Customer service:N/A
Product review: Awesome necklaces have been working wonderfully on my daughter. So much better than that other necklace we had. Would definitely recommend IBF to anyone and everyone in the market for amber jewelry!
2014-04-04 02:09:51
When purchased:
Nov 5, 2013
Item:Raw Amber - Tri-color
Customer service:Great transaction, fast shipping! Thank you!
Product review: Love this necklace, its is gorgeous.
2014-04-02 02:01:12
When purchased:
Feb 20, 2014
Item:NECKLACE - Hyperactivity, A.D.D./A.D.H.D.
Customer service:
Product review: This is already helping my 7 year old son. This came within just a few days of ordering.
2014-03-05 11:49:13
When purchased:
Feb 25, 2014
Item:Citrine Gemstone - THE Best For GERD, Constipation & Other Digestive Disorders
Customer service:Wonderfully quick service! Item shipped less than 12 hours after order was placed. Packaged well.
Product review: Well made and attractive product! I'm excited to put it to use.
2014-03-01 10:39:01
When purchased:
Jan 2, 2014
Polished Amber
Honey Round
Customer service:Super!
Product review: We love our necklace! Thank you!
2014-02-26 08:38:50
When purchased:
Feb 16, 2014
Item:Raw Amber - Tea
Customer service:Hi I was supposed to receive my item Friday but still have not. When can I expect my delivery?
Product review:
2014-02-24 05:57:45
When purchased:
Oct 11, 2012
Item:Thicker Beads - Youth Rose Quartz - Beaked Hazel
Customer service:Thsnks
Product review:
2014-02-22 03:28:50
When purchased:
Dec 21, 2013
Item:Raw Amber
Customer service:Shipped quickly
Product review: Love it!
2014-02-13 01:41:51
When purchased:
Dec 15, 2013
Item:Raw Amber Harvest
Back Pain Relief Strand
Customer service:
Product review: Great product. Have several different types now.
2014-01-06 05:24:56
When purchased:
Dec 4, 2013
Raw Amber
Customer service:
Product review: Great product. Previously had a back strand a teething necklace for my son. Glad I now have a neck one for me too! Also got one for my mom for Christmas
2014-01-06 05:24:29
When purchased:
Oct 5, 2013
Item:Raw Amber Harvest
Back Pain Relief Strand
Customer service:
Product review: Great product. I was blessed and noticed immediate relieve in my back! And also seems to be helping my son with his teething pain.
2014-01-06 05:22:33
When purchased:
Nov 19, 2013
Item:Raw Amber
Customer service:Tons of information on the site made it super easy to decide what I needed/wanted. I paid a little extra for faster shipping and it came quick.

And the info included on our little package was perfect! Helped my hubby to realize the product was beneficial & me on how to care for it. Answered all my questions and ones I hadn't thought of yet.
Product review: Love this necklace for my little one who has been suffering from teething pain for some time. In just a few days I've seen some improvement in my little one so Yeah!

I will be back & I will send all my friends to you!

Thank you!
2013-11-22 09:33:56
When purchased:
Oct 28, 2013
Raw Amber
Customer service:Wonderful! I had a bead break during shipping and they replaced it for for free. Very sweet and friendly
Product review: Love it! I can tell when I forget to put it on my lil guy. I could notice that he felt better and quit grinding his teeth. I recommend them to anyone with a teething baby
2013-11-10 11:03:23
When purchased:
Oct 29, 2013
Raw Amber
Customer service:Thank you for fast shipping.
Product review: Love the necklace for my baby.
2013-11-06 08:36:22
When purchased:
Sep 30, 2013
Item:Raw Amber
Popcorn (lighter)
Customer service:fast shipping. great coupon code
Product review: beautiful & well made
2013-10-16 03:39:23
When purchased:
Aug 16, 2013
Item:Raw Amber - Multi
Customer service:fas tshipping
Product review: thanks loved the necklace.
2013-10-12 05:48:00
When purchased:
Oct 8, 2013
Item:Raw Amber - Lemonade
Customer service:
Product review:
2013-10-09 07:30:23
When purchased:
Jul 2, 2013
Item:Raw Amber - Mixture
Customer service:Superb!
Product review: Awesome necklace! Helped out with baby's teething and we get so many compliments on it.
2013-10-02 08:50:09
When purchased:
Sep 19, 2013
Item:Raw Amber - Lemonade (Cinnamon Sprinkle)
Customer service:I am looking forward to receiving this order and am excited about the new lower prices and receiving the refund adjustment mentioned in the announcement. Have a great day!
Product review:
2013-09-19 01:30:45
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