PeeWell Info and Sizing

PeeWell fitteds come in 3 sizes--small, small/m (custom orders only), medium/l and large. The sizes are approximate and may change a bit according to fabrics used. Please check measurements rather than the weight range to ensure the best fit for your baby.

Small (7-15lbs): Waist: 9" unstretched, smallest setting; 18" stretched, largest setting. Legs: 6" unstretched, smallest setting; 10" stretched, largest setting. Rise: 13" unstretched; 16" stretched.

**Small/Medium (THIS IS SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) Waist: 8" unstretched, smallest setting (with crossover snaps used); 20" stretched, largest setting. Legs: 6" smallest setting, unstretched; 12" stretched, largest setting. Rise: 15" unstretched; 18" stretched. **

Medium/L (13-25lbs...THIS IS THE SAME AS MY PREVIOUS "MEDIUM"...IT IS JUST RENAMED M/L): Waist: 10" unstretched, smallest setting; 22" stretched, largest setting. Legs: 7" unstretched, smallest setting; 12" stretched, largest setting. Rise: 16" unstretched; 18" stretched.

Large: (20-35+ lbs): Waist: 12" unstretched, smallest setting; 24" stretched, largest setting. Legs: 8" unstretched, smallest setting; 15" stretched, largest setting. Rise: 19" at rest, 22" stretched.

PeeWell diapers have a "snake" soaker--it can either be folded in half to give full coverage or can be folded in thirds in your child's "wet zone" to make it a custom fit for your child. Small diapers have a 2 layer soaker (to decrease bulk on smaller babies); medium and larges have 3 layers.


Pricing on our items is as follows (and is subject to change):

Small Fitted: $10

Medium Fitted: $13

Large Fitted: $15

Any additions such as special fabric, applique', etc. will increase price of diaper--to be determined on an individual basis.


Small Fleece AIO: $16

Medium Fleece AIO: $18

Large Fleece AIO: $20

AIOs include coordinating print on top of soaker or micro fleece.


Small Fleece Cover: $12

Medium Fleece Cover: $14

Large Fleece Cover: $16


Small Wool Cover: $14

Medium Wool Cover: $16

Large Wool Cover: $18

Returns will be accepted on new/unused/unwashed items only. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

Warranty issues will be on a per case basis.

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