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Marshmallow Rainbow Kumfy™ Jumper


The Kumfy™ Jumper is a sweet and snuggly original romper design knit by Meg of KumfyKozies™ using yarn hand-dyed by Kaysie of Wacky Alpacky.
The opening for dressing is at the top with the raglan button band allowing it to open nice and wide for bigger babies and toddlers to step in and slide the garment up, while smaller babies can be easily tucked in like pants. This prevents any gapping or air flow between buttons at the legs or body, and keeps anything from having to go over Baby’s face or head- excellent for tiny ones that are hard to dress AND ones who make a big mess that you can just unbutton and drop off! Multiple short rows across the back of the romper make room for an extra fluffy bum.

Knit from silky soft Alpaca and Merino Wool blend in a rainbow of sweet semi-solid colors. Because Alpaca is also a natural animal fiber, this luxurious yarn functions exactly the same as a non-blend wool with its moisture-resistant properties, but has a silky touch and sheen. 
Buttons are hand-crafted with poly-resin made by Tessa Ann Designs. 

Size is XSmall, approximately newborn to 3 months.

Length(back of the neck to center of the crotch): 13.5 inches
Hips: 14 inches
Inseam(not including gusset): 2 inches

Care Instructions: Hand wash with luke-warm water and a gentle wool wash or baby shampoo. Lay flat to dry.

Marshmallow Rainbow Kumfy™ Jumper

Marshmallow Rainbow Kumfy™ Jumper

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