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Duck Dynasty (Yuppie Boy!)
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**One size fits approximately 12-40 pounds**

This diaper is made with an embroidered minky outside and has a strip of coordinating camo on the front. Inside is a layer of super soft brown minky. There's hidden PUL to keep it waterproof.

- Hidden belly snaps for babies comfort.
- Three snap-down rise settings to customize fit.
- Crossover wings to fit smaller babies.
- Soft minky inside layer to keep baby feeling dry.
- A snap-in soaker made of organic cotton fleece, zorb and bamboo velour.

These All-in-Two diapers do not require a cover to be waterproof.

Duck Dynasty (Yuppie Boy!)OS Ai224 HOUR AUCTION

Duck Dynasty (Yuppie Boy!)OS Ai224 HOUR AUCTION

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