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*AUCTION* OS NaturalFit Bamboo AIO - Poky Little Puppy

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The applique design on this one-of-a-kind diaper features pieces of minky, cotton velour, microfleece, and PUL - each carefully selected and arranged to bring color, texture, and dimension to the composition. The applique stitching is reinforced and fully enclosed by an additional layer of PUL to prevent any leaking or wicking through the design. This diaper was lovingly handcrafted and is waiting for a loving home. :)

Diaper Specifications:

The NaturalFit AIO is designed with sensitive skin in mind. Soft, rolled elastic around the legs and inner PUL panels in front and back allow for the use of an all-natural inner layer with NO wicking, leaking, or moisture transfer.

This One-Size-Fits-Most diaper features square crossover tabs with double-row snaps, a four-setting adjustable snap rise, layered quick-dry design with a snap-in doubler (for a total of 8 soft, squishy, super-absorbent layers), and a double pocket opening that allows the doubler to be snapped to the inside of the diaper, or underneath the inner/pocket layer.

Note: I pre-wash and shrink all of my natural fibers, and all of my diapers come ready-to-wear. However, diapers may need to be washed several times before they reach maximum absorbency.

Auction will run for 72 hours. Auction winner has 2 hours to complete payment or contact me to make arrangements. If payment is not completed (or other arrangements made) after 2 hours the diaper will be offered to the next highest bidder or relisted (at my discretion). Please do not bid if you will not be able to pay promptly.

*AUCTION* OS NaturalFit Bamboo AIO - Poky Little Puppy

*AUCTION* OS NaturalFit Bamboo AIO - Poky Little Puppy

*AUCTION* OS NaturalFit Bamboo AIO - Poky Little Puppy

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