~The Fifth Monday~

Naturally Luxe (Whitney):

Ioriginally started a bath and body business called Monkey Sudz with my former business partner in late 2004, and when my business partner left the business at the start of 2006, I decided to change the name and goals of the business; and that is how Naturally Luxe was born. My three kids all have super sensitive skin, and two of them are allergic to dyes in products. I was horrified to read what the ingredients were in mainstream bath products, as well as those intended for babies and children. My goal is to provide natural and organic bath and body products for your entire family, as well as a full line of natural baby care products and organic wool care.

At Naturally Luxe, we use organic oils and ingredients wherever possible, and we carefully source materials from suppliers engaged in ethical and fair trade business practices, as well as sustainable production.

I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California with my fiance Niles and three children: Maia, Chloe and Noah. We practice natural family living, attachment parenting and are active participants at our children's school.

We stock the majority of their products at our website.