~The Fifth Monday~

Kobieta (kOb-jyet-a) is the Polish word for "Woman". Part of my heritage is Pole and I think the word rings beautifully. And who am I? My name is Nikki Plank. I am the WAHM behind Tadpoles & Butterflies Children's Clothing. I have ran TNB for over 6 years online, the last 4 being here on HC. I have a lifetime of experience in sewing and design. Please feel free to check my feedback at Tadpoles & Butterflies and Fresh on Hyenacart as well as over a thousand positive feedback at Ebay for my years selling my clothing there. I was inspired to open Kobieta after my own frustration at finding stylish comfortable clothing for plus size women. If it is cute, it is usually too small. Or if I by chance find nice plus size then it may only fit my bust but look like a sack in the waist or be to short. After talking with many women of many sizes, I realized this was universal problem,,from the tiny petite to the extra extra larges. So I decided, I wanted clothing that would fit me, curves and all, and fit me well.....and I want to share that vision with women all sizes, from the smallest frame to largest. Woman,,Kobieta,,,,no matter what size, age or figure...because style is not a size.