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WBC Crochet SKIRTIE Pattern Wigglebunz Creations WBC Crochet SKIRTIE Pattern Wigglebunz Creations
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pink brown skirtie.jpg picture by wigglebunz

We all know that each baby is unique in its own way – right down to their shape!  That is why I created the Wigglebunz Creations patterns!  I personally needed something that would fit my very small waisted daughter, who needed a HUGE diaper for night time.  Other soakers had all the wrong proportions for her, and never fit well.  I, and my customers, have very successfully made soakers, skirties, longies, and shorties to fit a range of bottoms wearing anything from underwear to trainers to very bulky diapers.  All have had superb fit!

skirtie twirly.jpg picture by wigglebunz

This pattern MUST be used in conjunction with either the WBC Soaker Pattern or the WBC Longie/Shortie Pattern!  This pattern is for the attached skirt ONLY.

skirtieunderviewfront.jpg picture by wigglebunzskirtieunderviewback.jpg picture by wigglebunz

The entire pattern is sprinkled with lots of great tips, examples and best of all many clear, large, and helpful photos, to help guide your way.

patternscreenprint-1.jpg picture by wigglebunzpatternscreenprint-2.jpg picture by wigglebunz

Worried that this crochet pattern might be too difficult for you?  Not to worry!  I have had both beginner crocheters AND experts crochet my soaker, longie/shortie and skirtie patterns with relative ease.  I have some excellent pattern feedback HERE.

skirtie4.jpg picture by wigglebunzskirtie5.jpg picture by wigglebunz

If you have any concerns or questions I offer support for all pattern customers on my yahoo group (more info sent with pattern purchase), and I am always willing to chat vial email as well – feel free to drop me a line at wbcreations@mts.net.

box edge with picot trim.jpg picture by wigglebunzlace edge with picot trim.jpg picture by wigglebunz


So, let’s sum it all up.  Here’s what you get:


Wigglebunz Creations Skirtie Pattern

(Must be used in conjunction with shortie/longie or soaker pattern)

Available as a 6 page PDF, Mac and PC compatible.  Comes complete with:

·         plenty of full color photos

·         yardage chart

·         patterns are sprinkled throughout with various tips and examples

·         plenty of large, full-color photos


*This pattern does not include the soaker and/or the longie pattern, and cannot be used without one of these patterns.  This pattern is for a skirt attachment only*

Adjustable to any desired length

Styles available:

  • Flared
  • Twirly


Edges Available

  • Boxy
  • Picot
  • Lace

*You can also request, (at no charge, and with pattern purchase), the same pattern without all the extras (photos, tips, examples and charts) as a 2 page PDF.*

Now the fine printJ

These patterns were created and designed by Charlene of Wigglebunz Creations.  She retains all rights to the sale and development of Wigglebunz patterns.  Wigglebunz Patterns are not to be sold, copied, traded, or distributed in any way, and must only be purchased directly from Wigglebunz Creations.  They are intended for personal use only.  Each crocheter is unique in their craft, and therefore solely responsible for all items created by them.  Should the pattern change in any way, updated copies will be sent to all customers.  You will be responsible for giving me any new email addresses if old ones expire.

There is a cottage license available to those who are interested in making and selling/trading for profit.  All rates and prices are subject to change. 

All pattern/license purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

Upon receipt of payment, I will email the crochet pattern to you in PDF format within 1-3 days.  Please state which email address you would like it sent to. 

Please contact me if you do not receive your pattern!  It may have gone into your spam filter, or simply been lost in cyberspaceJ 

Thanks for your purchase of a Wigglebunz Creations crochet pattern!

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