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"Flair" 100% Cotton Market Bag
50% OFF


"Flair" is being listed as a second due to the fact that it suffered "pilling" in the pre-wash.  This market bag is still fully functional and very lovely.  I am listing it for 50% off for the issues listed above.  It would regularly be priced at $10.00. 

"Flair" Market Bag is hand crocheted with Peaches & Cream cotton yarn.  They have a lot of stretch to them and can fit quite a lot. 
The market bag has a nice over the shoulder strap and also makes a wonderful diaper bag or purse.  It has lots of room for Cloth Diapers.
This bag is wonderful for that trip to the Farmer's Market.  It is machine washable on gentle cycle and just lay flat to dry.
These are a wonderful way to start making one use bags obsolete.

Saving the environment one bag at a time.

Customer Review:

I ordered a set of bags, which shipped out quickly, and OMG, they hold SOOO much! I used one today while my mother and I went shopping. It held 1 gallon of vinegar, 3 boxes of stuffing, 1 large bottle of Arbor Mist, a small bottle of vodka, 2 bottles of Chinese sauce, some gum, corn starch, and STILL had a bunch of room!!!! Not only that, but the strap made it comfortable to carry all that, and they look great. I am seriously in love, and I had to snatch up the other one in her store.

(Used with the permission of the Author)

*SECOND*"Flair" 100% Cotton Market Bag50% OFF

*SECOND*"Flair" 100% Cotton Market Bag50% OFF

Tags: recyclable, shopping bags, 100% cotton, crocheted, diaper bag, purse, outings, farmer's market, re-usable

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