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Kitchen Britches


Don't get Excited
Don't be Misled
These aren't to Wear
But for your dishes Instead
So take off the Bows
And pull out the Stitches
You now have two Dishcloths
But have lost your Britches

These dishcloths are hand crocheted with 100% worsted weight cotton yarn, in Peaches & Cream's Fairy Tales colorway. Then adorned with bows made from Orchid Polyester ribbon. They will make the perfect gift for someone special.  They can be hung in the kitchen as decor or just as the poem says, pull the bows and stitches, and you are ready to wash your dishes.

I will also include a printed version of the poem.

By making this purchase you acknowledge you have read the information about the sealer I use, and you also accept full responsibility for any injury or mishap that may occur during use of this product and in no way will you attempt to hold me or anyone else associated with Do-Hickies & Thing-a-Majigs, financially or legally responsible.

Kitchen Britches

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