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Ooga! le Petit Liners


Cloth Indulgence mama cloth is made only from the finest quality fabrics! These mama pads are topped with beautifully hand-dyed bamboo velour with a bamboo fleece core and backing.  They are contoured to fit your body and snap around your panties to prevent leaks.   
These are easy care pads and I recommend a rinse, hot wash, warm dry.
This is a set of 2 liners.
You deserve to have a little fun during AF! Why not have some crazy Ooga Booga pads!
These pads are extremely functional.  They are thin and discreet at only 7 inches long! Great for teens, as a diva cup back-up, or anytime you need a little protection.  I personally love these pads for working out and running because you don't even notice they are there!
Stop using toxic disposable pads and lighten your periods! Cloth Indulgence pads are non-toxic, natural, economical and environmentally friendly!

Want to check out my other styles of pads???  I have a custom slot listed on my main store.

Ooga! le Petit Liners

Ooga! le Petit Liners

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