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D&G Owls Bamboo Velour/Hemp Fitted Diaper-Large


Cloth Indulgence fitted diapers are only made from the finest quality materials.  This diaper has a beautiful boutique cotton knit outer and matching polycetal snaps that are completely hidden on the inside for your baby's ultimate comfort. 

Outer - Owls  cotton knit print
Inner - Natural Organic Bamboo Velour
Hidden - Natural Hemp/Organic Cotton Fleece

Snap-in soaker
Hidden Snaps
Strong, yet gentle lastin in the leg holes and across the back
Turned & topstitched for a clean look and no scratchiness
Trim fitting design with super soaking power!!

The soaker is my new and improved contoured design!  It is composed of 5 layers of Hemp/organic cotton fleece, 1 layer of cotton knit, and 1 layer of bamboo velour serged together in a quick-dry fashion.  10 total absorbent layers give this diaper plenty of soaking power!

D&G Owls Bamboo Velour/Hemp Fitted Diaper-Large

D&G Owls Bamboo Velour/Hemp Fitted Diaper-Large

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