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Brown Dream-Catcher


This is a 7" dream-catcher.  It is done in Browns and Oranges.  Then adorned with white feathers.

Native Americans would hang a dream catcher above the bed, as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares.

It is believed, good dreams pass through the center hole to the sleeping child.  The bad dreams get trapped in the webbing and are washed away with the rising sun.

*Please note, there is no glue used in this.  Beads are held on by knot in leather and Kept in place from the tight fit of the feathers in the beads.  If tugged on hard enough the feathers will come out.

This is intended for decoration purposes only and not meant to be used as a toy.

Brown Dream-Catcher

Brown Dream-Catcher

Tags: Luna's Gate, Dream Catcher, Native American, Folk-Lore, Gift, Natural, Beaded, Leather, Feathers

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