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Retro Bunny Fitted Diaper-Newborn


Cloth Indulgence fitted diapers are only made from the finest quality materials.  This diaper features a gorgeous bunny cotton knit print and matching polycetal snaps that are completely hidden on the inside for your baby's ultimate comfort.

Outer - Cotton
Inner - Natural Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fleece
Hidden - Natural Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fleece

What is special about Cloth Indulgence Newborn Diapers???

-Inner bamboo fleece is fuzzy side out to help catch and hold runny newborn poo
-Snap down front keeps the diaper away from the healing umbilical cord
-Gentle lastin elastic around the leg openings and across the back helps contain messes and won't irritate your baby
-Turned and top stitched design looks great and doesn't irritate like serging does
-Snap in soaker keeps drying time down
-7 total absorbent layers is just the right amount of soaking power for a newborn

Retro Bunny Fitted Diaper-Newborn

Retro Bunny Fitted Diaper-Newborn

Retro Bunny Fitted Diaper-Newborn

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