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Moon Stone & Hemp Necklace


This necklace is made with 100%  Royal Purple Hemp and Moon Stone beads.
The hemp is knotted in a half hitch knot to get a spiral effect.  A wonderful 40 mm (just over 1 1/2") Moon Stone donut is the highlight of this necklace and is attached to the hemp with a Sterling Silver Striped bail.  The necklace is then finished with a bead and loop closing.
This necklace measures 24" from loop to ending bead.

Moonstone aligns vertebrae. It is a good digestive aid. Moonstone also soothes and balances the emotions.
Moonstone is believed to be protective for women and babies.

By making this purchase you acknowledge you have read the information about the sealer I use, and you also accept full responsibility for any injury or mishap that may occur during use of this product and in no way will you attempt to hold me or anyone else associated with Do-Hickies & Thing-a-Majigs, financially or legally responsible.

Moon Stone & Hemp Necklace

Tags: Luna's Gate, handmade, eco-friendly, Necklace, jewelry, mama, moon stone, hemp, 100% Natural, gift, semi-precious stone

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