Barkin handmade waldorf style doll Barkin handmade waldorf style doll
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Barkin is ca. 38 cm/15 inches tall and made of swiss doll fabric, stuffed with carded wool, and his hair is crocheted with mohair boucle yarn. His face is lightly sculpted with needle felting. 

He will be delivered with his bunny, a family picture, some seashells in his bag. He wears a linen green striped sweater, pair of linen trousers, and pair of shoes.

Transports costs apply according to designation and are not included in the given price here. I only send with tracking number and insurance. Please contact me considering transport costs. (According to my experience it is for US and EU ca 25 USD, however I would check for your address to be sure and inform you for the price)

For more pictures and close ups please see my Facebook page:

Barkin is a little Syrian boy. (He could have been from many other places in the world, as on nearly every continent there are families walking to a secure place with hope in their hearts.) His story is a sad one but a story about hope. Donít you also think that Hope is something strange? We remember it only when everything goes wrong, than we hope everything will be better again. However, when everything goes well, we forget about hope. We donít tend to hope everything keep being good. As I said already above, we take everything good mostly as granted. Yet hope is our strength to survive, it reminds us the good in everything and everyone. Hope makes us humans again, hoping and giving someone else hope. Thatís why this story is a story about hope, a hopeful story.

Barkin left his country with his sister, mom and dad, leaving grandparents behind. They didnít have enough money for all, and grandpa didnít want to leave his country. Grandma felt herself too old to walk through Turkey to the west coast, and she cannot swim either. So she was scared to cross the sea between Turkey and Greece. 

He took a picture of his family with grandparents on it and his little bunny with him. The bunny is not his favourite toy, but it is the smallest. Dad said they donít have enough space, he should take only that what fits in his bag. His bag is small, thus he only could take the bunny, and the picture. More? No space for more, thatís it. His mother said, everything else they leave behind, they will carry in their hearts. Barkinís bag is small but his heart is huge. There he can carry his family, his friends, his house, his garden, his teacher Ms. Amira his first and biggest love Ö

The way to Germany was long. But they made it. As they reached to Germany, he lost his family among the crowd. Germany is very big and he is small. He doesnít speak German. German people are polite, they welcome him and all other refugees. But it is still not very cosy in the refugee shelters. Full of people, very often very loud. Thus Barkin wishes himself a loving family, a cosy home. He has always been an optimist. Although he is a bit scared, he is sure everything will be all right. He knows he will find his family and meet his grandparents again. He knows they will reach their aim, and they will be secure and free. But until then he needs a warm home, which helps him to keep his beautiful memories alive.

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Barkin handmade waldorf style doll
Barkin handmade waldorf style doll
Barkin handmade waldorf style doll
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