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Herbal First Aid Kit-Holistic and Organic Herbal First Aid Kit-Holistic and Organic
Price : $18.00
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by KeepingFaith Herbs
Your kit will come in a natural gauze bag with a screenprinted "First aid' symbol on it and will contain:
1  .15 oz  Mama's Kisses BooBoo Stick(retail $3.00)-To apply to minor abrasions, scraps, bumps, bruises or minor burns.  For burns apply to skin around the burn site.
1  .15 oz  KalmSkin (retail $3.00)-To apply to anything rash, but bite or venom bite related.
1  .5 oz KalmTummy(retail $7.00)-To apply to abdominal area in a circular motion. Topically only.
1  2 oz CleanWash (retail $6.00)-To apply directly to abrasions or pat hands for hand sanitation after exposure to pathogens.
5 active charcoal capsules(retail $2.00)-For the accidental ingestion of poision or something harmful.  ALWAYS CALL POSION CONTROL FOR INSTRUCTION.  To be swallow with water or open and mixed with small amount of water.
Suggested additions to your herbal first aid:  candied ginger for sudden nasea or dizziness, slippery elm lozenges for sore/scratchy throat, oil of organo or echinacea for onset of cold, flu or infection.
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Herbal First Aid Kit-Holistic and Organic

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